My work explores the relationship between strength and fragility, the delicate balance between the two, and how that balance shifts with the passage of time. My initial inspiration is often drawn from the local environment and contemporary concerns. I use colour and texture to stir memories of particular places and experiences.

 Missing  (Paper and Stitch). This piece was exhibited at the Knitting and Stitching Shows in 2014 and proved very popular.

Silver Linings

Silver Linings  (Stitch and Wire) - free standing vessels. Part of the series produced for the Coded:Decoded exhibition at the Mall Galleries with Prism in 2014.

Silver Linings: The Calm (detail)

Silver Linings: The Storm (detail)

Silver Linings: Moving On (detail)

Honesty (detail)
Honesty  (Paper silk, wire and thread). This is a large scale hanging or panel. Abstract in design and based on initial studies of poppy seed heads, it acquired it's name when so many people said the calming and serene design reminded them of Honesty seed heads.